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Local People

who value north uxbridge and want to serve the Community living here

The Date And Venue Of The Next

annual general meeting

17th October 2019

8 p.m.

Christ Church

Redford Way



Plans to Demolish 47 Fairfield Road

NURA have set up an online petition to object the demolition of the current property at 47 Fairfield Road, Uxbridge and build six
3-bedroom flats. If you object to this planning proposal to demolish 47 Fairfield Road please click on the link above to sign the petition.

Save Uxbridge Police Station

The NURA Committee this evening approved a Petition for the re-opening of the 24/7 Front Desk at Uxbridge Police Station and for the removal of the threat of closure of this much needed facility.

At the Hillingdon Council Meeting on 12 September Councillor Douglas Mills proposed the following Motion –

‘That this Council welcomes the announcement by The Prime Minister, The Right Hon. Boris Johnson MP, that we need to increase the physical presence of police to help tackle crime levels across the country and that funding will be made available for the provision of an additional 20,000 police officers by 2022.

That, given that Hillingdon will have additional police numbers who will require adequate operational facilities, this Council agrees that its offer to purchase Uxbridge Police Station for £5M, to enable continued use by local officers, made in the 2018 budget should be remade to the Mayor of London as soon as possible.’

Please see the communication which is going out from Boris to all Uxbridge Households.

This will arrive in the mail either Saturday or Monday.

This follows the approval of a fresh offer by the Council to The Mayor of London which was approved yesterday evening 12th Sept 2019.



The St. Andrew’s public park is now open – so now we have 4 lovely open spaces available to us in North Uxbridge – Fassnidge Park, Uxbridge Common, Hillingdon House Farm and Lord Dowding Park.

Uxbridge Common

Dowding Park

Uxbridge Common Pond



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