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who value north uxbridge and want to serve the Community living here

The Date And Venue Of The Next


The date of our next NURA Meeting will be posted here as soon as such gatherings are allowed

COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Significant restrictions are now in place to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.  Our focus is on staying well ourselves and watching out for those at risk in our community – both family, friends and neighbours.

May we suggest – if you have not already done so – that you take this opportunity of exchanging contact details with your immediate neighbours – particularly the over 70s and those with health conditions.  It is important to know who is ‘self-isolating’ – especially those who are asked to remain at home for 12 weeks.  If you don’t have/can’t get their contact details, then a ‘postcard through the door’ is a good idea.  We know one local road which has set up a Whatsapp Group.  This has proved invaluable in giving security alerts, but it can also now be used to identify households asking for support.

Turning to the broader picture, schools and local businesses (small and large) are closing.  We are all preparing ‘for the long haul’ but we are urged to do ‘responsible shopping’.   Life is beginning to feel very strange.    Charities have been set up to help to get support out into the community – the National Care Force ( for example, has been specifically set up to help people volunteer to support the most vulnerable members of our society.  No-one has necessarily to take the initiative to start something new – they just need to sign up.  The Hillingdon Food Bank is massively short on essential supplies.  This is where we can give real support.  They need both food and volunteers – not necessarily to come into contact with others – but to bag up supplies, etc. for distribution.

NURA has taken two steps.  We have set up –

A CAMPAIGN FUND – see later.  This will be used to support voluntary initiatives in the current situation.  Please bring to our attention any that you know.

A HELP LINE  – No. 07413 231999   – intended to be available for such groups as the elderly, those living alone, or those without internet/e-mail.  Two of our members – Sheelagh and Sushma – have offered to take turns to operate the help line.  They say ‘A compassionate and caring approach is essential to get us through this difficult time’

Save Uxbridge Police Station

Boris Johnson met us outside Uxbridge Police Station on 20 September to endorse Hillingdon Council’s offer of financial assistance to make Uxbridge Police Station fully operational and also to support NURA’s ‘SAVE UXBRIDGE POLICE STATION’ Petition.

The February 2020 issue of the NURA newsletter focusses on the continued promotion of the ‘Save Uxbridge Police Station’ petition with information about the photo shoot that took place on Saturday 1st February at 10am outside Uxbridge Police Station. The photographs will be used locally and nationally to highlight the volume of support for the petition and publicise the campaign.

Please note that the petition has now closed but the fight to save Uxbridge Police Station continues.

There is a second newsletter for February outlining the continuing campaign to save Uxbridge Police Station. Please read it.

The NURA Committee this evening approved a Petition for the re-opening of the 24/7 Front Desk at Uxbridge Police Station and for the removal of the threat of closure of this much needed facility.

At the Hillingdon Council Meeting on 12 September Councillor Douglas Mills proposed the following Motion –

‘That this Council welcomes the announcement by The Prime Minister, The Right Hon. Boris Johnson MP, that we need to increase the physical presence of police to help tackle crime levels across the country and that funding will be made available for the provision of an additional 20,000 police officers by 2022.

That, given that Hillingdon will have additional police numbers who will require adequate operational facilities, this Council agrees that its offer to purchase Uxbridge Police Station for £5M, to enable continued use by local officers, made in the 2018 budget should be remade to the Mayor of London as soon as possible.’



The St. Andrew’s public park is now open – so now we have 4 lovely open spaces available to us in North Uxbridge – Fassnidge Park, Uxbridge Common, Hillingdon House Farm and Lord Dowding Park.

Uxbridge Common

Dowding Park

Uxbridge Common Pond